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My name is Max Nussenbaum and I’m twenty-six. This is my web site.

I’m originally from Newton, Massachusetts, and did my time at the infamous Newton North High School before graduating from Wesleyan University in 2012 with a double major in English (High Honors) and government (very little honor). After graduation, I moved to Detroit as part of Venture for America’s inaugural class and spent two years as a design and business guy at Are You a Human.

In 2014, I left to start Castle with two friends, Scott Lowe and Tim Dingman. We manage rental properties for landlords using automation and on-demand labor.

This web site has been around in some form or another since 2001, when I bought a book about HTML and read it instead of paying attention to my fifth-grade teacher.

You can find me on Twitter (definitely), Instagram (a little personal, but sure), Facebook (if you must), and LinkedIn (just vomited). You can also find my Twitter dream journal at @maxspsyche.

I can be reached by email at .



“Self-aggrandizing douche creates press section on own website.”
—Me, just now

Detroit Turns Up, Time — November 2014

Rebuilding A Detroit Home To Live In—In Hopes Of Rebuilding The City, Fast Company — October 2014

Venture for America start-up program takes a shine to Detroit, the Detroit Free Press — August 2014

4 guys, one gutted house and an unfair advantage, the Detroit Free Press — December 2013


Some Favorites

Book: Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace

Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Musicians: Tie between the Beatles and Eminem

U.S. President: Lyndon Johnson

Kind of mustard: Grey Poupon

City that’s not New York: Berlin

Bob Dylan quote: “All words that rhyme mean the same thing.”

Video of a talking cat: this one