Charlie Greengould Meets Himself is the original musical I co-wrote, produced, and directed over the course of my sophomore and junior years at college.

Charlie Greengould

The show tells the story of Charlie Greengould, an insecure college freshman who meets a cooler, more confident version of himself from a parallel universe. But when Parallel Charlie’s true intentions are revealed, original Charlie is plunged into a solipsistic, multiverse-spanning quest of adventure, romance, and self-discovery.

The two-hour, sixteen-song musical was performed at Wesleyan University in November of 2010.

You can watch the show, download the cast recording, and read the lyrics over at Only have a few minutes? Listen to the three best songs:

“One Less Charlie” (the fight song)
In which Charlie and his female doppelgänger, Girl Charlie, team up to exact vengeance on Parallel Charlie.

“The Opposite of Opposites Attract” (the funny song)
In which Charlie vacillates over whether or not to sleep with Girl Charlie.

“In a Perfect World” (the love song)
In which Charlie and Girl Charlie say goodbye.